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a paragon of domesticity am i…

6 Feb

So in order to ingest the very important iron I require I’ve been eating something I like to call the Iron Maiden(!).  Basically a plate piled high with beets, beet greens, avocado (not sure if they have iron but whatever its green and tasty) generously bathed in olive oil and splashed with tangy vinegar.  Some salt and a slice of this great bread I call bahgahboo, but it has an actual name that I can’t seem to recall but sounds like bahgahboo.  Anyhoo, we bought some big ass beets-like in between tennis and softball size-so they took the better part of a day to cook.  Thank god I cleared my schedule that afternoon!  There’s only so much cooking a gal can do!

Today I really got into my new(ish) role as (house)wife and went to coffee with a girlfriend (the equivalent here to lunching in the states), bought some decor for our new place and hit up the supermarket.  Since it was my turn to cook  I decided I would cook some chicken instead of ordering out on my cooking days like I usually do.  Hey I’ve got collaging to do! The store only had what can best be translated as the “village” chicken.  It had a robust look to it and had a generous layer of yellow-y fat, TASTY!  Side by side with the grey-ish white ‘urban'(?) chicken (2 thighs left) it looked like the better option.  I took my chances on the village chicken, which I later found out basically means free range, and it looks a hell of a lot healthier than any American ‘free range’ chicken I’ve ever seen.  Must be the kind of chicken our neighbor is bringing us eggs from.  After cooking they resemble something out of every ad execs wet dream.  Deep orange-like sun plummeting into ocean orange-big round yolks with a thick healthy halo of white cradling the gooey goodness.  We might be teetering on an economic precipice here in Greece but the quality of food is really unparalleled.  American food seems so devoid of life after eating food that is truly alive.  I mean what the hell is the ‘living salad’  at the local Jewel or Whole Foods.  I  hope its living, its produce for gods sake not cardboard!  I typically don’t buy organic produce in the states for financial reasons but I would like to enjoy it on a regular basis.  For some reason here I don’t feel as concerned about that.  True, it is harder to find organic produce in the supermarkets here but I feel like whatever chemicals they’re using are far superior than the American ones because this stuff is actually bursting with flavor. Not to mention people here seem to live well into their 100’s despite chain smoking for at least 80 years and drinking copious amounts of raki until they just keel over.  So I guess ill take my cue from the locals.  When in Rome right?! Oh yippe! Cant WAIT to start smoking…………..(just kidding mom!)

ps: village chicken turned out great!

no fuss meal: thickly sliced potatoes, the village chicken, some coarsely sliced onion, a few cloves of garlic, salt & pepper, a couple big (by American standards) splashes of olive oil and in the hot oven it goes for a while…i like to just kind of feel it out, but somewhere around 45 minutes or so.  after its done splash with some fresh lemon juice, oregano if you’re feeling frisky and dig in!

getting blissed out in the kitchen!

getting blissed out in the kitchen!