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You’re either on the bus or you’re off the bus.

9 Apr

Since Ive gained a shitload of weight in the last 8 months shopping for clothes has obviously gone out the window.  Along with cute shoes, mobility, and seeing my feet.  Will I recognize them in 2 months?!  So in order to get my fix Ive taken to “window shopping” online.  Since we live out in the boonies there are no stores except the local supermarket.  Here you can find food, obviously, along with an assortment of (junky) beach accessories, imitation Ray Bans (5euro!), cheap flip flops and the like.  These all come in handy here when the temperature starts rising, but don’t cater to my less country more urban approach to dressing.  I guess this is all well and fine considering I am not the size of a normal person anymore (sigh).  When people ask me how many months I am I usually like to answer with a guess of about 12 or 13.  It certainly feels like it.

As luck would have it there is certainly no shortage of cute spring clothes this season.  Why couldn’t I be pregnant when that whole 80’s revival (yuck!) thing happened? Wouldn’t have missed much there.  I guess by the time I am back to regular proportions this stuff will be on sale! Who doesn’t love a sale!

I was trying to describe the feeling of being pregnant (at this late stage) to a non-pregnant friend of mine.  I looked at her and said:

remember the old buses here (greece) from the 70’s that were still in use about 10 years ago?  Manual transmission, terrible gas mileage, no AC, trails of black fumes escaping from the rear, clunky creaky behemoths?

She:  Yes I remember those.

Me: That’s me.

She:  Oh c’mon.  You don’t look…..

Me:  Wait.  Have you seen the 2012 Porsche Boxster?

She:  It’s pretty hot!

Me:  That’s my husband!

And that my friends is what it feels like to be 8 months pregnant.

This is me 8 months pregnant!

This is me 8 months pregnant!

My sexy husband!

My sexy husband!